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Modification of Article XXII  
  Per Diem Employee  
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Dues Authorization 2016  
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KPNAA 2015  
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Per Diems Cancellation of Call  
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LOU Seniority & Date of Hire  
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National Agreement 2015  
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Calendar of Events  
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KPNAA SHARE Qualifications  
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Grievance Form  
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Weingarten Rights  
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Definition of Consensus  
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Waste Anesthetic  
Gases Management

When Every Minute Matters

Kaiser Fontana/Ontario  
Anesthesia Liaison Teams

Management Office  
PO Box 41130  
Long Beach CA 90853-1130  

Heather Even  
KPNAA Manager  

Debbie Even  
MSM President  

Tel: 714.532.4034  
FAX: 714.908.9777  


The Kaiser Permanente Nurse Anesthetists Association is a union of certified nurse anesthetists that work for the Southern California Permanente Medical Group. We have 350 members of our union that work in facilities across the Southern California area. KPNAA members provide professional excellence through advocacy, unity, and vigilance.